2016 NASA Space Flight Awareness – Supplier Award

2016 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2015 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2014 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2013 Black Pages Ohio Supplier Diversity Advocate Award

2013 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2012 National Design-Build Award from the NASA Vibro Acoustic Research Facility

2012 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2011 NASA GRC – Small Business Industry Award

2011 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2010 NASA GRC – Small Business Subcontractor of the Year

2010 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2010 National Technical Association – Nsoroma Award

2009 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2009 NorTech Innovation Award

2008 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2007 Career Communications Group, Inc.-Top Technology Entrepreneur Award

2007 EATON – PEAK of EXCELLENCE Award for Supplier Diversity

2004 NASA George M. Low Award — Finalist

2004 Steve Szabo Engineering Excellence Award

2003 NASA George M. Low Award — Finalist

2003 National Science Foundation Phase II SBIR Recipient

2003 R&D 100 Award — Software

2003 NASA Minority Contractor of the Year

2003 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2003 GRC Minority Contractor of the Year Award

2003 NOMBC Technology Award

2003 GRC Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition Award

2002 NASA Software of Year Runner-up

2002 National Science Foundation Phase I SBIR Recipient

2002 GRC Software of Year Award

2002 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2002 Manned Spaceflight Awareness Award

2001 NASA Silver Snoopy Awards

2001 Manned Spaceflight Awareness Award

2001 R&D 100 Award – Software

2000 NASA Instrumentation Technology Development Recipient for MEMS Inertial Measurement System


Latest News

ZIN Technologies announces first ISS operation of BCAT-KP. ZIN Technologies, a CASIS implementation partner and collaborator, is proud to announce the first ISS operation of BCAT-KP; a recurring and fast track applied science investigation platform.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio leads the SCaN Testbed multi-center team. ZIN Technologies is a key contributor to NASA GRC on the SCaN Testbed which has been successfully implemented onboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut praises NASA Glenn Research Center’s role in her latest flight. In partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, ZIN Technologies created a new harness design for NASA Glenn that is much more comfortable than past harnesses – astronaut Karen Nyberg said “the design they came up with was spectacular.”



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