Human Health and Medical Devices


ZIN works to develop technologies to solve the medical and physiological problems of spaceflight and off world surface exploration requiring novel, small, low power, non-invasive and versatile instrumentation and hardware.  The technologies developed are intended to meet needs and also have a clear overlap into clinical medicine and/or commercial application.

  • Technology to influence and monitor the physiologic adaptation to weightlessness
  • Technology to support medical care in space and on planetary surfaces
  • Develop Human performance, locomotion and mission task analogue facilities to assess partial and no-gravity environmental effects
  • Technology to provide remote IV water purification capability
  • Technology to monitor and prevent bone and muscle loss through daily load stimulus measurement and dosage assessment
  • Detecting changes in physiological parameters including cardiovascular status
  • Assessing/preventing human health and performance risks through probabilistic risk assessments against mission tasks and adaptation
  • Providing emergency room capability through remote monitoring and assessments
  • Developing training systems to maintain proficiency


Latest News

ZIN Technologies announces first ISS operation of BCAT-KP. ZIN Technologies, a CASIS implementation partner and collaborator, is proud to announce the first ISS operation of BCAT-KP; a recurring and fast track applied science investigation platform.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio leads the SCaN Testbed multi-center team. ZIN Technologies is a key contributor to NASA GRC on the SCaN Testbed which has been successfully implemented onboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut praises NASA Glenn Research Center’s role in her latest flight. In partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, ZIN Technologies created a new harness design for NASA Glenn that is much more comfortable than past harnesses – astronaut Karen Nyberg said “the design they came up with was spectacular.”



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