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Providing a Proven Path to Space

ZIN-AS provides solutions to key Gulf Cooperation Council Region challenges (i.e. sustainability) utilizing space/microgravity based science and technology transfer opportunities through start-ups and academia along with its channel partner ZIN Technologies. Our leadership team has over 30 years of successful international cooperation and space based Biological and Physical Science Low Earth Orbit experience.

Image Credit: NASA

The Possibilities Are Endless

George Washington Carver Science Park
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CLPS 19C Lander

What We Offer

Microgravity-enabled material production capabilities and advanced manufacturing facilities demonstrate scientific and commercial merit for Earth benefit.  We are initially targeting space life and physical science technologies with an early focus on complex fluids and colloidal applications. Commercial applications of spaceflight R&D in physical sciences include manufacturing, alloy development, energy transfer, biomedical advancements, and advanced materials testing.

Image Credit: NASA

Why Choose ZIN Technologies

Fostering discovery and technological innovation in space

ZIN Aerospace, Inc (ZIN-AS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZIN Technologies, registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market,  serving as its regional headquarters. ZIN-AS leverages its parent's longstanding history in space applications to work with local agencies on international life and physical science collaborations, near-term LEO commercialization, and science instrument facility offerings. We aim to collaborate with space research centers and local universities to attract and promote the next generation of space scientists and technology pioneers. 

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