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35+ Years of Proven Spaceflight Heritage

Whether on the ground or in space, ZIN’s innovative solutions help solve the complexities of human spaceflight and robotic space exploration, safely and efficiently. Established in 1957, ZIN is a leader in providing advanced engineering services and product development solutions for NASA, DoD and private industry.

Image Credit: NASA


What We Offer

ZIN offers comprehensive engineering, analysis, modeling, simulation, & testing services. We support aerospace, healthcare, electronics, manufacturing, & other technology industries. We have full lifecycle in-house hardware & software design & engineering capabilities to support system development from concept to completion.

ZIN offers a full range of manufacturing services from one-of-a-kind articles to production. We fabricate high-tolerance, precision, and complex components that have stringent Quality Assurance requirements including aerospace ground and flight systems. ZIN is certified and compliant with industry and government quality standards including ISO 9001:2009 and AS9100.

ZIN offers proven and affordable products.  Our customers require systems and equipment to be safe, functional, and of the highest quality. ZIN’s experience with advanced technology systems and our wide-ranging program support capabilities make us a leading small business partner to aerospace and defense clients.

ZIN is highly experienced in all phases of development, pre-launch, launch, & post-launch checkout of payloads, spacecraft and instruments including time sensitive late stow items. Our personnel are experienced with Control Center operations, ground station maintenance, & communications networks. ZIN provides day-to-day operations, software maintenance and systems engineering as well as processing of mission data products.

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