Electrical Systems Engineer

Supports NASA/KSC Electrical Branch as a member of the Expendable Launch Vehicle Integration Support (ELVIS) 3 contract in a wide range of assignments. Will be the subject matter expert on batteries for the NASA Launch Services Program (LSP) space launch vehicles. Supports all the major launch vehicles, monitoring the processing, testing, and integration of batteries into the vehicles. Reviews technical requirements and works with launch service providers as required. Provides independent review, validation and verification of battery requirements and performance. Additionally, will perform battery margin analysis, failure analysis and other activities associated with batteries in preparation for, and during launch.

• Gathering battery historical data, specifications and activation procedures;
• Establishing a central file for the batteries used on the Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs);
• Monitoring all battery processing for all ELVs, working to develop and maintain master tables of ELV battery activation and processing parameters;
• Supporting battery Engineering Review Boards, Battery Trouble Reports and Failure Analysis as required;
• Supporting Acceptance Test Procedures (ATPs), Hardware Acceptance Reviews (HARs), and pedigree reviews for battery systems and components;
• Working on ELV Cell and Battery FMEA’s;
• Monitoring payload battery selection, application and processing;
• Developing rapport and line of communication with Launch Vehicle and Battery suppliers;
• Monitoring latest battery developments for ELV and Spacecraft applications;
• Assisting other NASA & Contractor Engineers with engineering support for Power Systems.

Leader in Aerospace Design, Manufacturing, Integration and Operations

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