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ZIN Technologies, Inc. is an award-winning AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 registered small business headquartered in Northeast Ohio. Established in 1957, ZIN is a leader in providing advanced engineering services and product development solutions for NASA, DoD and private industry. 


ZIN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Voyager Space Holdings.  Together, we are enabling the innovator community to create the technology ecosystem that powers space exploration. Space is rapidly transforming from the next frontier into a prosperous economy for research, manufacturing, business, exploration, entertainment and more, and we stand at the ready.

ZIN provides engineering and scientific experts to manage and develop space flight systems. These system lifecycles span from concept definition, design, development, and fabrication to system assembly, integration, test, launch, operations, return, and post return data processing and analysis.  ZIN began developing space flight hardware for the space shuttle, MIR, the International Space Station (ISS) and currently the lunar Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) in support of research applications and the Artemis program, that has evolved into complex satellite systems and space vehicle and launch systems.

ZIN relevant engineering support including Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Fluids, Propulsion, Structural, Thermal, Systems and Test Engineering Support) and Research and Technology (Space processes, science and technology, instrumentation and controls, structure and dynamic research) inclusive of Space Operations (Payload Operations, Space Communications, navigation and network reconfigurable testbed), Exploration Systems (HALO, ORION, SLS, ISS, commercial vehicles) and Space Technology (Advance Communications, Power, In-Space Propulsion, Cryogenics) across various contract vehicles.

Our award-winning 250+ person organization consists of scientists, engineers, designers, and technicians. ZIN employs an integrated performance-based management approach, providing experienced people, proven processes and tools and exceptional cost, schedule, and technical performance while identifying and managing program and project risks.

Offering Unsurpassed Product, Process And Service:

  • Prime contractor

  • Sub-contractor

  • Product manufacturer

  • Value-added service provider

Image Credit: NASA

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