ZIN Aerospace

ZIN Technologies, one of the oldest and most successful NASA prime contractors in the industry, is pleased to announce the launch of ZIN Aerospace, Ltd. (ZIN-AS), duly incorporated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, a premier business district in the capitol, to provide Space Flight physical and life science instrument solutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

ZIN-AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZIN Technologies Inc. and is partnered with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the UAE Space Agency to provide designs, develop, integrate and operate space flight science instruments on the ISS through the ISS National Laboratory (ISSNL). 

The ZIN-AS and UAE partnership meets the need of the UAE Space Science and technology commercialization goals through initial operation of commercial platforms internally and externally on the ISS and provides the UAE other commercial users with more choices to address research needs and pathfinder cooperative research opportunities for a marketplace in LEO.

Microgravity-enabled material production capabilities and advanced manufacturing facilities demonstrate scientific and commercial merit for Earth benefit.  We are initially targeting space life and physical science technologies with an early focus on complex fluids and colloidal applications. Commercial applications of spaceflight R&D in physical sciences include manufacturing, alloy development, energy transfer, biomedical advancements, and advanced materials testing.

Commercial relevance along with their utility for studying fundamental phenomena, complex fluids/soft materials are ubiquitous in the food, chemicals, petroleum, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, liquid-crystal display, and plastics industries.


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ZIN Technologies, one of most successful NASA contractors, sets up its headquarters in the UAE

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