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Low Frequency and High Frequency

Capabilities Overview

  • Analysis (vehicle and payload analyses) of both structural and acoustic coupled responses for the full frequency range

  • Noise control treatment solutions and design

  • Integrated large scale test (reverberant field) and treatment testing (impedance, absorption, linearity)

  • Aeroacoustic Simulation and Analysis for Ascent loads and flow noise

  • Transient Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis to calculate aeracoustic loads

Vibroacoustic Development Cycle

  • Acoustics and structural dynamics design lags other design efforts of a system (structures, payloads, fuel tanks, etc.) due to the need for these design inputs

  • Rapid iteration of acoustic treatment design in response to changes is an absolute must, at any stage in development.

  • As system design freezes, final testing and analysis are performed as needed.

  • Design and treatment package completed and delivered by ZIN to customer.

Image Credit: NASA

Vibroacoustic Development Cycle : Analysis

Vehicle or payload Structural Finite Element Model (FEM) developed or used as input.

Low Frequency

  • Finite Element Method (FEM)

  • Boundary Element Method (BEM)

High Frequency

  • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)

Results compared to requirements to assess treatment attenuation.

Image Credit: NASA

Treatment Solutions

Low frequency treatment development

  • Patented tunable resonator technology

  • High TRL Helmholtz resonator technology with high maturity, for SLS Block 1B Universal Stage Adapter

  • High Frequency Treatment Development

  • Lightweight acoustic foam panels, designed for extreme temperature and load conditions

Image Credit: NASA

Vibroacoustic Development Cycle: Design

  • If treatment required to reduce acoustic levels, design      development begins

  • Proven, existing designs used, in configurations for      meeting requirements

  • If necessary, new design concepts developed.

Image Credit: NASA

Vibroacoustic Development Cycle: In-house Testing

In House Testing

  • Absorption test

  • Low frequency high intensity Impedance Tube Testing

  • Temperature, adhesives, joining methods testing, for      flight conditions

Large-scale Testing

  • With experienced outside partners, with history of work      on test planning and successful implementation

  • Reverberant and Direct Fields acoustic testing

  • Modal testing and analysis

  • Decay testing

Predictions of test results, prior to testing and post-test correlation.

Image Credit: NASA

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