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Quality and Certifications

ZIN operates under our AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 registered Quality Management System (QMS) certification and compliant with industry and government quality standards. We provide a motivated, high-performance workforce that uses lessons learned, derived continuous improvements, and industry best practices to achieve optimum performance. Within our AS9100 QMS, we offer technical excellence, quick responses to our customer, a safety-centered corporate culture, and open and effective communication. At ZIN, safety, health, and welfare are top priorities!

Our quality process spans both hardware and software quality assurance plans, and in-process and final as-built inspections and audits. Our organization provides certifications for flight and operations, as well as participates in reviews, inspections, and testing as an independent objective body. In addition, we contribute to both milestone and continual improvement indices, tracking and trending metrics, nonconformance reports, corrective/preventative actions, and supplier quality/certification.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to providing our customers with the best services and products through continuous improvement. In order to accomplish this, we are dedicated to maintaining and improving quality, and increasing our qualifications and certifications across our broad scope of practice. We achieve these objectives through continuous improvement of quality processes and by providing a system that empower our employees to make the most effective and efficient decisions, thereby positively affecting the quality of our products. By employing highly trained, dedicated people, and standardizing well-documented processes, we are able to build quality right into our products!

Through consistent measurement systems and identified key performance indicators, we are able to focus on what is best for our customers. We are date driven in our pursuit of excellence and it shows through our consistent interest in continuous improvement. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one goal!

Image Credit: NASA

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