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ZIN offers a full range of manufacturing services from one-of-a-kind articles to production. We fabricate high-tolerance, precision, and complex components that have stringent Quality Assurance requirements including aerospace ground and flight systems. ZIN is certified and compliant with industry and government quality standards including AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015. We have in-house design and engineering capabilities to support system development from concept to completion.

Mechanical Manufacturing

ZIN’s in-house mechanical manufacturing facility produces concept, breadboard, prototype, and flight hardware. The facility allows fast, cost-effective manufacturing of design concepts and breadboards, through a machine shop that includes 3D printing (metal and polymer) suppy chain enabling early development testing of subsystems and systems.  ZIN also provides production of prototype and flight hardware, and the capability to rapidly modify parts to meet changing requirements and schedule. Our labs are equipped with all standard test equipment, laminar flow and optics benches, and two thermal test chambers. A Class 100K Clean Room can be made available with 10K laminar flow benches provide workspace for assembly and testing of contamination-sensitive components.

Precision Printed Circuit Boards

ZIN is one of the few printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States that is a flight/space approved supplier. Our facility allows assembly of surface-mount technology, including BGA, CGA, and leadless chip carriers. Our commitment to excellence and innovation allow us to provide our customers with some of the highest quality standards and most advanced circuit board technologies found in the industry today. Our vastly expanded PCB capabilities, along with cutting edge equipment, make us a premier PCB manufacturing and assembly company that the aerospace and defense industry can depend on. ZIN’s in-house electrical assembly facility includes a pick-and-place capability, lead forming, solder stations, rework stations, and reflow for electrical assemblies.

Electrical Manufacturing

ZIN has certified trainers and technicians to the NASA and IPC standards, for electrical assembly, cabling, staking components, soldering, and conformal coating. ZIN can provide product realization for electrical hardware to IPC-6011/12/13 Class 3. The team has provided hardware for Mission Critical Space hardware for aerospace applications. ZIN has certified trainers to the NASA and IPC standards:  NASA-STD-8739.1, NASA-STD-8739.2, IPC J-STD-001 plus space addendum, NASA-STD-8739.4, 5GSFC-WM-001, J-STD-001 Space Addendum and IPC-A-600.

Additive Manufacturing

ZIN offers state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing design and test expertise with a robust supply chain of manufacturers.  Additive Manufacturing has inherent advantages of lower-cost parts, assemblies and builds. Direct Laser Melting (DLM) 3D printing builds parts directly from electronically designed files using layers of fine metal/ceramic powders and a high energy laser to melt and/or fuse corresponding layers. The result is a complex part that can be manufactured in a fraction of the time without waste, including intricate designs, optimized structures and shapes not producible using traditional subtractive methods. Competencies include:

  • Engineering, design, analysis and fabrication services to the Aerospace and Medical industries.

  • Design complex components without adding cost

  • Surpass limitations of conventional technologies

  • Change designs easily for custom and optimized applications

  • No investment in manufacturing tools

  • Shorten time to market


Feature Resolution, Dimensional Tolerances and Surface Roughness:

  • ~ 100 micron features

  • ~ 50 – 100 or better micron tolerances

  • ~ 20 micron repeatability – 3 axes

  • ~ 5 Ra surface finish or better (~ 200 μ inches)

Operations and Maintenance of Clean Rooms, Shops and Laboratories

ZIN's Cleveland, OH Headquarters includes a 60,000 sq ft  facility with engineering, ground, and flight hardware assembly areas (clean rooms), a DCMA-certified property control system receiving area, and climate-controlled bonded storage. In support of aerospace product development, testing, and processing. Our engineers and technicians routinely build, test and fabricate ground and flight hardware including prototype analog and digital instrumentation. Our laboratories are operated as visibly clean or can be configured as a class 100,000 clean room with a humidity control system for ESD prevention. ZIN has operated class 10,000 class clean rooms and we have access to clean room facilities to class 100 for sensitive optical systems.

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